Garden Design


If you are planning a garden makeover, have an awkward space to work with or are just looking for some special touches to make your garden unique, you may consider commissioning us to design the garden.

The benefits of a design package:

  • Ensures the most efficient use of space
  • Provides a clear vision of the finished project before construction begins
  • Fully takes into account your practical needs for the garden
  • The finished garden will embody your specific tastes, from favourite plants to styles, shapes and colours
  • Incorporates elements of landscaping that you may not have considered such as focal points, feel of the space, fragrance etc
  • Makes the best use of your budget

A basic design package includes:

  • Consultation session
  • A full site survey
  • Colour design drawing
  • Accompanying notes/images detailing proposed materials, features etc
  • Planting board displaying proposed plants, colours, styles etc
  • Written specification

More extensive packages may also include ‘point of view’ drawings, specified planting plans, scaled survey drawings etc if required.

Our general philosophy on mid – large scale projects is that it can be well worthwhile investing a small percentage of the budget into a design to ensure you achieve the best possible end garden.

Services Provided

  • Garden design
  • All elements of garden construction
  • Driveways
  • Planting
  • Garden maintenance & tidy ups
  • Hedge cutting
  • Consultation & advice